Spooktacular Decorating

Did you know that Halloween is the second most decorated “season” in America?!?! Next to Christmas, people go all out to make their homes the “spookiest” on the block. But not all Halloween decorations have to be scary.  Our “Too cute to spook” Isabel Blooms make great additions to your Halloween decor  and we’re here to show you how you can incorporate them.

Our Not-so-Spooky Collection

If you are an avid collector of Isabel Bloom sculptures, you may already know that we have been designing Halloween theme sculptures for over 10 years now.  Our first sculpture was the Small Boo in 2005, then the Jack O Lantern with the big smile and Scaredy Cat in 2006, Witchy Poo in 2007, the Argyle Spider in 2008, the Toad with Witches Hat in 2009, Crow with Jack O Lantern in 2010, Scarecrow in 2012, Skully in 2013, Scaredy Bat in 2014, Jack O Lantern pumpkin in 2015, Trick or Treat in 2016, and this years’ Mummy for 2017, just in case you are keeping track :). We’ve also added our Lg Jack O Pumpkin, Pounce cat finished in black, Kitty Jar Topper finished in black, a Halloween version of Gned and Gnora the Gnome, and our latest Jack O Lantern Planter that could also be used in your Halloween decorating. Many of these designs have since retired but you can view what is available on our website.

If you have several of our Halloween designs but are unsure on how to display them, here are a few examples of how our creative team decorates to get you started with a few ideas.

The Beginning of It All

Our designer and co-owner, Donna Young’s, favorite holiday is Halloween, so you can guess how this all got started 🙂 “I’ve always loved most everything about Halloween: the candy, the decorations, the trick-or-treating. Also, my daughter Emma’s birthday is in October, so when she was little many of her parties would be Halloween-themed.” This included a custom built spook-house for many of those years, Donna admitted.  Although that time has come and gone, she and her husband still enjoy dressing in crazy costumes and attending neighborhood parties.  “My husband and I LOVE to make our own (costumes)…Jeff may not say he loves it as much as I do, but he’s a good sport!” Over the past few year’s they have gone as “The American Gothic” couple, the “wind-blown” couple, and a couple of crazy chicks peddling their eggs, “Sam n Ella”.

Now that Donna has granddaughters, she enjoys helping them with their costumes and is even considering resurrecting the spook-house stuff for her middle granddaughter, Ginny, who turns 4 this October. But, that may have to wait a few years until she’s a little older.

The Next Chapter

Spooktacular Decorating
The next in line…

For now, at Isabel Bloom at least, the tradition of creating adorably spooky sculptures will continue.  Donna is working on a fun, “bewitchingly”  functional design.

Share with Us!

We’d love to see your creative Halloween Bloom displays! Snap a photo and email to [email protected] and we’ll post some in our blog and social media!


by Lexi Johnson

Lexi has been with Isabel bloom for 16 years, since she was a youngin’. She has over 50 sculptures of her own because she LOVES Isabel blooms. Lexi has a wonderful husband and a son who challenges her every day but she wouldn’t trade being his mom for anything in the world. In her spare time, she loves being outdoors with her family, golfing, kayaking, and hiking when they can.