Corporate Gifting

At Isabel Bloom, our unique handcrafted sculptures not only make great gifts for your friends and family, they also make great gifts for your clients and employees!  In fact, we’ve been in the “corporate gifting” business for just about as long as we’ve been in business. What better place to come get something that is made especially for your company, your clients, or your employees, than right here in Davenport, IA.

Whether you are gifting as a thank you, recognizing employees for their years of service, celebrating an anniversary or gifting for the holidays, we have over 200 unique handcrafted sculptures to choose from. Some can be personalized with a custom message or finished with special colors to represent your company.

Gifts as Unique as You

The Program

Purchases totaling:

$150-$500 receive a 10% discount

$500.01-$1000 receive a 15% discount

$1000.01 and over receive 20% discount

We will deliver to the local Quad Cities area FREE with a $500 or more purchase. Other arrangements can include in-store pick up, or shipment via FedEx.


If the business you work for has a need for special gifts for any reason, give us a call! We would be happy to help you find the perfect gift!

Quad City area businesses contact Donna at 563-333-2040 ext 215, email [email protected].

Des Moines, IA area businesses contact Kim at 515-274-8455, email [email protected].