Sculpture Care

Crafted of concrete and coated with a high-quality moisture-resistant sealant, Isabel Bloom sculptures require very little maintenance when kept in sheltered areas indoors.

Outdoor sculpture requires a bit more attention.

All sculpture, whether indoor our outdoor will show subtle signs of aging consistent with most fine art – from paintings to woven baskets and pottery – including slight pigment shifts and superficial lines. These enhance the character of your particular piece!

Caring for your Indoor Isabel Bloom Sculptures


Occasional dusting with a soft nylon brush – a soft old paintbrush or toothbrush is perfect! – will keep your living room figurines clean.


If you display statues in the bathroom, they may get a little sticky with hairspray, cologne and even soap residue. To clean these sculptures, water alone usually does the trick. Again, use only a soft brush to gently remove what the water and your hands won’t.

Removing Crayon Marks

Indoor Blooms often attract toddlers and puppies, who sometimes leave their marks. Here’s what to do.

Usually these marks are on top of the sealant and can be removed with a little fingernail polish remover. Just dip a q-tip into the remover and GENTLY rub over the mark.

And If They Break…

Concrete is strong, but can be chipped and even broken when dropped, chewed or knocked over. You wouldn’t believe how many labs and golden retrievers have a taste for Blooms!

Try to keep your sculptures in protected areas, away from toddlers, puppies and vacuums. And remember, the taller the sculpture, the more top heavy and apt to fall over … especially on plush carpet!

We will gladly replace a stone if need be but we will no longer be able to take any other repairs.

Caring for your Outdoor Isabel Bloom Sculptures

If you choose to display your Blooms outdoors – and many of us do! – please be aware of some of the consequences.

For one thing, outdoor concrete ages more quickly! Rain and sunshine both break down the concrete sealer. This fades the pigments more quickly. It also allows water to penetrate the sculptures, which promotes cracking if left outdoors when temperatures fall below freezing.

If you’re comfortable with that aging process – and many of us are! – enjoy your outdoor Blooms. To help them age more gracefully, follow the cleaning and storage regimen below.

Cleaning Outdoor Sculptures

Mix 1 part vinegar with 1 part water. Using a soft old nylon brush – toothbrushes work well – gently scrub the areas that need to be cleaned. Don’t use a wire brush!

Rinse the entire sculpture well with clean water.

Air-dry the sculpture 2-3 days in an area with a temperature of 60 degrees or above.

When thoroughly dry, seal the sculpture with a non-oil based concrete sealer.

Tip: This cleaning process will remove dirt and algae … but will not restore the original color. Enjoy the new, naturally aged beauty of your Blooms!

Bring Blooms in for Winter

After a summer of absorbing moisture from rain and humidity, your Blooms will suffer dramatic consequences if left out for the freeze-and-thaw winter months.

The reasons come straight from your high school physics class: As water freezes, it expands. As it thaws, it contracts. When that water is inside your Bloom, guess what cracks?

So bring your Blooms in for the winter!

Repairing your Isabel Bloom Sculptures

Contact us if a stone or eye has become dislodged from your sculpture, and we can help set you up with a replacement!  Call us at 800.273.5436 for more information.